30 Gal Outdoor Self Close Flammable Storage Cabinet

30 Gallon, 1 Shelf, Self Close Doors, Outdoor Flammable Storage Cabinet, Yellow – 813020



In the complex landscape of industrial safety, the proper storage of hazardous and flammable liquids both indoors and outdoors is imperative. The Justrite yellow 30 Gallon Outdoor Flammable Storage Cabinet with Self Close Doors, model 813020, is engineered specifically to mitigate the substantial risks associated with the improper handling and storage of these materials while outside.

Fully spot welded Galvanneal 18 Gauge Steel construction makes the cabinet highly resistant to corrosion - up to 16 times more than regular steel. This ensures a rust-resistant exterior capable of withstanding outdoor conditions. It also includes a slanted roof design to divert rain and snow away from the cabinet doors, protecting the contents from moisture. For ease of placement and mobility, even in challenging terrains, the cabinet is supported by 12 Gauge skids to easily move with a forklift, and bolstered with stable trapezoid legs.

The outdoor storage cabinet’s doors are uniquely designed for safety and security; the self-closing models are equipped with automatic closing doors that utilize fusible links to stay open for ease of access but will automatically shut at 165°F (74°C) to prevent external fires from reaching the contents. The patented self-indexing doors feature continues stainless steel hinges to ensure a tight, sequential closure from top to bottom, reinforced with a three-point stainless steel self-latching bullet system for increased heat resistance and fail-safe operation. Additionally, the self-latching doors are easy to close and secure without the need for manual rotation, thanks to the stainless steel paddle latch U-Loc™ handle. To prevent unauthorized access, the doors can be locked with the included double key set or using a padlock (not included) via the U-Loc™ stainless steel paddle latch handle.

Other standard features on all Justrite flammable cabinets include:

  • Sturdy double wall construction with 1½-inch insulating air space
  • Patented SpillSlope® shelves direct spills to the back and bottom of the leakproof sump; welded shelf hangers interlock with the shelf to offer maximum stability with no flimsy brackets to lose. Adjustable on 3 in. centers, the shelves meet ANSI standards with a 350lb. (159-kg) safe allowable load.
  • 2-inch leakproof sump contains spills and leaks within the cabinet and meets EPA requirements
  • UV and chemical-resistant powder coated paint inside and out retains a high-gloss look and minimizes the effects of corrosion and humidity
  • Strategically placed dual vents with built in flash arrestors work together to stop flames from entering the cabinet while allowing the build-up of vapors
  • Reflective HazAlert™ label provides a warning in English, Spanish and French to enhance visibility in low-light situations
  • Self-leveling feet help the cabinet adjust and balance on uneven surfaces
  • Built-in grounding connector makes grounding easy and mitigates the risk of static discharge

Model 813020 exterior dimensions are 42 inches W x 18 inches D x 44 inches H; interior dimensions measure 39.5 inches W x 14.562 inches D x 39.625 inches H. Maximum flammable liquid capacity is 30 gallons. It meets OSHA and NFPA requirements; FM approved (pending).

Why Choose Justrite Outdoor Flammable Storage Cabinets?

Improperly stored flammable liquids are a significant contributor to industrial fires, even in outdoor settings. Our Outdoor Flammable Storage Cabinet offers a robust solution that allows for safe and economical storage of larger quantities of flammable, combustible, and corrosive chemicals outdoors, away from occupied buildings, while significantly reducing the risk of fires and explosions.

Open storage of hazardous chemicals also poses threats to the environment through potential spills or leaks, leading to soil and groundwater contamination. Our cabinet's design includes features that prevent such outcomes, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and safeguarding public health and the surrounding ecosystem.

A fire caused by hazardous chemicals can bury your business in direct and indirect costs, from property and inventory damage to business interruption, emergency response, and legal fees. Some businesses would not be able to recover from a case like this. By investing in Justrite outdoor flammable storage cabinets, you're not only enhancing safety but also protecting your business from potential financial disaster.


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