Penetrol Dry Wetting. Agent

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products’ PENETROL DRY Dry  Surfactant  is 100% active surfactant for superior performance on sticky clays and shales to reduce bit balling, differential sticking, and agglomeration of cuttings with minimal to no foaming.

As a dry surfactant, PENETROL DRY is your product of choice for drilling environments that are sensitive to aquatic toxicity.

      Applications and Functions


  • Reduce or eliminate bit balling
  • Reduce surface tension of drilling fluid, which allows faster chip removal without continuously grinding the hard shale formations
  • Improve drilling efficiency by preferentially coating the bottom-hole assembly and drill string
  • Minimize differential sticking
  • Increase bit life and reduce drill pipe and bottom-hole assembly wear



    • Easy to mix
    • Effective in low concentrations
    • Compatible with other Baroid drilling fluid additives
    • Biodegradable



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