Leatherhead Pike Pole I-Beam Dog Bone

The Leatherhead Tools Pike Pole Dog Bone I-Beam has a solid core heavy duty handle construction that gives maximum strength with less weight. Our fiberglass is imbedded with Hi-Viz color and has reflective striping for locating in dark areas. The handle and heads are bonded to the fiberglass with strong two-part epoxy and steel pins. Firefighters use our Pike Pole for probing – or pulling walls and ceilings. This Pike Pole comes in a combination of heads, and a butt or D-handle.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • The Dog Bone I-beam heavy duty handle construction gives you maximum strength with less weight
  • Reflective striping added to help locate tool in dark areas
  • The D-Handle can be mounted in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • All Hooks are made with American steel, head options include American hook, drywall/plaster head and rubbish head
  • Lengths come 3 ft. to 14 ft., longer poles are available


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