Adjustable stainless steel centralizers hold screens and casings in place to eliminate off center placement during installation. Constructed from spring stainless steel, centralizers resist corrosion and will not contaminate the well. Stainless steel worm gears tighten easily for quick attachment to the screens and casings. 100% Made in the USA. 1″ – 12″ Stainless Steel


Please call ESI Supply for pricing and additional information! 601.933.4910

Unique eyebolt fastening design fits easily around the center pipe
Stainless steel worm gears

Centralizers are made of 100% Stainless Steel Construction.
Manufactured in sizes 1" through 16"
High Strength Worm Drive clamps have many advantages over standard T-bolt centralizers.
Heavy Duty Centralizers available! Provides stronger straps for superior centralization on heavy casing and screen.
Easy to install. Just use a nut driver, cordless drill motor (with a nut driver attachment) or standard screw driver.
Made and Assembled in the USA!


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