Helix® 3062 Safety Gloves

Helix® 3062 Safety Gloves resists sharps and harsh edges like never before with 360-degree, distinguished cut resistance from a Tungsten and steel blended shell that protects your hands, knuckles, and palms. The exterior palm is finished with a flexible micro-foam that’s smooth and offers extra abrasion resistance while remaining dexterous and comfortable. Reduce skin irritation with the silicone-free knit and work hassle free with enhanced touchscreen capabilities.

Helix® 3062 Safety Gloves

  1. Knit: 18-gauge HPPE/steel/Tungsten blend shell
  2. Coating: Flexible microfoam nitrile coating that's smooth and provides superior grip in dry or oil situations
  3. Cut protection: 360° ANSI/ISEA Level A9
  4. Puncture resistance: ANSI/ISEA Level 4 Hi-vis color on back-of-hand enhances visibility and compliance
  5. Reinforced thumb saddle for added durability
  6. Silicone-free for reduced skin irritation
  7. Enhanced touchscreen capabilities
  8. Elastic knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  9. Seamless construction for enhanced comfort
  10. Ultimate dexterity and tactility
  11. Launderable for extended life


TouchscreenANSI/ISEA puncture level 4ANSI/ISEA cut level A9Silicone free


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