Hazardous Material Technician Course


This course provides emergency response personnel with the information and skills to recognize, evaluate, and control an incident involving the release or potential release of hazardous materials. The course is intended for response personnel who are currently on or planning to join a hazardous material response team.

The focus of the course is on recognizing and evaluating a hazardous material incident, organizing the response team, protecting response personnel, identifying and using response resources, implementing basic control measures, refining decision-making skills, and protecting the public.

Topics that are discussed include safety plans and standard operating procedures, characteristics of hazardous materials, toxicology, information resources, identification of hazardous materials, incident command, size-up strategy and tactics, containment and confinement of materials, levels of protection, chemical protective clothing, direct reading instruments, and decontamination.

Instructional methods used are lectures, class problem-solving sessions, and exercises. Emphasis is on the hands-on use of equipment to practically apply lecture information. Class members will participate in two simulations designed to apply and test lessons learned during the week. Participates will wear SCBA units, fully encapsulating suits and chemical splash suits.

After Completing The Course, Participants Will Be Able To:

– Select the Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for Responding to an Incident
– Use Various Types Air Monitoring Instrumentation
– Performs Confinement and Containment Operations to Control the Release of a Hazardous Material
– Work Within an Established Incident Command in Managing an Incident
– Develop and Initiate a Decontamination System
– Use Size-up Techniques to Develop Strategies and Select the Appropriate Tactics

Completion Requirements

To successfully complete this program of instruction, participates must attend all days of the course and must satisfactory pass the following test: Unit 1, Unit 2 and final written examination with a score of at least 80 percent. Participates must also complete all classwork and homework exercises with a score of a least 80 percent.

Participates are also required to satisfactory demonstrate, as outlined in the course manual, and demonstrated by instructors, the following skills:

– Perform pre-checks and donning of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)
– Fit testing and donning of Air Purifying Respirator( APR)
– Donning Levels A, B, C Chemical Protection Clothing
– Perform calibration and usage of Air Monitoring Equipment
– Establishment and operating a decontamination line
– Establish an acceptable ground field and satisfactory use of earth ground meters
– Perform confinement and containment operations
– Work with an established incident command system

This class is designed as a 40-hour class. The cost is $515.00 per person. The minimum number of participants for a class is eight people and the maximum number is 16 people.

*Special group rates available. Please contact ESI Supply for more information regarding course training/certifications.

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